Re: [NTLK] I think someone got ripped off recently on eBay ;-P

From: Andre Lipinski <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 12:17:06 EDT


On 17-Apr-09, at 2:57 AM, Christian Walther wrote:
> That being said I believe that it is up each one of us to decide what
> a device is worth.
> Yes, checking back with the list in advance seems to be a reasonable
> thing to do. I don't know, what would you say would be a good price
> for the device in question, given not only the hardware itself, but
> the availability of this edition (numbers of clear cased newtons
> produced)?

Christian raises a good point: what would the list members say is a
good price for a new unused MP2100?

(I was watching the auction yesterday for KnowledgeNavigator's 2100
with great interest and was going to put in an offer--until the
auction was pulled with three left to sell >:-( I've contacted about that but haven't received a response so far.
Then there's what seems like a dissatisfaction with
KnowledgeNavigator that I don't understand. Feel free to contact me
off-list to set me straight, please!)


p.s. LD Is awesome! LOTS of movies still only available on LD so many
that Roger Ebert has retained a substantial portion of his LD
collection along side his truly enormous DVD library.

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