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From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Sat Apr 18 2009 - 10:37:23 EDT

Nice Andre!

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On 17-Apr-09, at 10:42 PM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> I have that rare book on order: Appledesign: The Work of the Apple
> Industrial Design Group by Paul Kunkel and Rick English (Paperback
> - Oct 1, 1997)
> This is 'the' book in terms of giving me the information I need for
> those Newton prototypes Sonny and I were talking about.

I don't want to take the wind out of your sails, but this book is not
quite as great as it could be. It's been a decade since I read it but
I do remember that there are some inconsistencies and lots of writing
problems that at times make it difficult to understand clearly. It
also ends before eMate and MP 2x00 and so is a bit limited. I hope
your interviews will come after you read it so you can get all the
facts sorted out by those who were there. As for Sweat Pea--no
pictures, (checked when you mentioned a few days earlier) perhaps a
mention--don't remember.

Another good source of information is Robert Brunner. He was
interviewed in an Australian magazine "design World" "The
International Journal of Design" Number 29 1994 Published by Design
Editorial Pty Ltd. This particular issue mentions the Newton and the
Apple design process in general with some fine photos.

As for your book--I would *love* to add it to my library. I think it
would be an excellent addition to Defying Gravity (Love the pictures
and the story, hate that it ends at the OMP release!), AppleDesign
and the Apple confidential books.

If you're looking for rare stuff I have an alpha manual for NTK that
might make for an interesting tid-bit.


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