[NTLK] Neverending reminders

From: Marcus Bointon <marcus_at_synchromedia.co.uk>
Date: Sat Apr 18 2009 - 11:53:04 EDT

Hi all,

I've been dusting off my 2100, which seems to work ok, but I've run
into one problem. It keeps popping up reminders for valentine's day as
fast as I can dismiss them (perhaps some hint from my wife!). For the
most part this renders it unusable as they obscure a chunk of the
screen and preclude some clicks. I've tried a reset, and setting my
clock back to 1996, but it just keeps going. How can I clear all the
alarms and reminders - I don't care about losing them?

While I'm here, what should I be using to connect and talk to it on my
Mac Pro? I have an original Farallon ethernet card for it which
hopefully still works. I've got a USB-Serial adapter I use for a GPS,
and I think I've probably even got the original serial dongle thing


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