Re: [NTLK] Can't Connect to NCX over wifi.

From: William Ove <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 00:36:43 EDT

I am pretty new here so perhaps I should just be quiet. I connect my
plain jane eMate to a 20" G4 iMac running 10.5 and NCX without any

My eMate is setup for wireless and the iMac is connected to the router
with a wired connection. I connect using TCP/IP with manual settings.
The iMac has a fixed IP address from the router, which I enter, and I
use the port # from the NCX (3679) documentation. The firewall for OS
X 10.5 has moved to the "Security" section of the system preferences.
In the firewall area of the Security Preference, I drug the NCX icon
into the pane to insure that 10.5 would allow for incoming connections
on the port(s) needed by NCX.

Before I connect the eMate and the iMac I make sure NCX is open and
running. Backup, restore, import, export and install package have
worked without any issues. Synchronize does not work in the
application. I have had no luck importing iCal data. I can import
vCards created in Address Book. I have not tried using the Mac
keyboard, since the eMate has a nice one of its own.

Beyond the applications in ROM I have installed packages for
networking, the MailV application and Avi's Backdrop. This leaves me
with around 600K of free storage, which is really a lot of notes. The
free heap space reported by the backdrop application is around 120K
and it has been ample.

The eMate is not as easy to carry around as my OMP. I had thought I
could beam info from the eMate to the OMP, but I have not had a good
deal of success with that. The memory card I have in the OMP also is
read only in the eMate so I can not move information that way. Overall
I am having more trouble getting Newtons to talk to each other than I
am talking with an OS X machine.


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