[NTLK] Can't Connect to NCX over wifi.

From: Leo LeBron <iamdigitalman_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 10:34:46 EDT

Hi all. New to the list, but not to the newton platform. I have both
an eMate 300 and a NMP 2000. Anyways, I just discovered that NCX has
the feature where you can sync it over ethernet, and by extension,

Anyways, I installed all the ethernet packages, as well as the
wireless driver on my freshly brain-wiped 2k. I then installed both
the Dock_TCP-1.3-en.pkg file, which I got of kallisys (NCX comes with
version 1.2 of this app); as well as the ethernetdock.pkg that came
with NCX. These gave me 2 new options in my dock app on the 2k, TCP/IP
and Ethernet.

I attempt to connect, after setting up the wifi to my home network (I
unencrypted it just for this purpose). What happens is it will load
the driver, connect perfectly, and then I can find my iBook with NCX
fired up, though the computer name has these block-like looking
characters for the apostrophe. as soon as I tap the X to connect, one
of the connection utilities (I believe the TCP/IP one), disconnects,
and I get a communications error.

The other one is even stranger. It will go all the way through the
motions, but then bring me back to the dock app with the connect
option. The LEDs on my lucent wavelan gold are still lit, but if I hit
connect again, I will get a message telling me there is insufficient
memory, and that I should restart, but I can hit cancel.

I thought it was my firewall on my modem, but I can not turn that off.
My next option was to create a network from the iBook, and attempt to
connect from there. This would actually have a benefit, as I can keep
my main network encrypted with WPA2, but leave the computer's network
unencrypted. I set this up, and then made sure the computer's firewall
is off. I then attempted a connection through the dock app, using both
the TCP/IP and Ethernet options again. This time, both fail when
connecting at the step "connecting to the internet".

I have tried everything. going into the wireless settings, and
selecting infrastructure, Ad-hoc, and Ad-Hoc (old fashioned). None
work. I put in the computer's name as the SSID, as I believe that is
what the SSID is.

I know there has to be someone out there in newtonland who has come
across this before. My last resort is setting up my Linksys WRT54GS
again as an unencrypted network to my DSL modem. Only thing I am
wondering about with this setup is if I keep the IBook on the
encrypted network, would the newton be able to find it though the
other router. The WRT54GS will be connected directly to the modem, so
I think it should.

Thanks, everyone.

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