[NTLK] Silverware: Where to find their Newton software

From: Tony Kan <tonykan_at_xtra.co.nz>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 19:11:19 EDT

Silverware have redesigned their website but it is a little hard to find their
Newton software for download. Their newton software can still be downloaded
from their site but you need to know what the links are as the new site doesn't
have any direct links to any Newton stuff anymore. The old pages can be found
via Google but the download links don't work anymore. Silverware have emailed
me with a link that does work and after taking a few backbearings I've figured
out the rest:

MoreInfo 5:
This application hardly needs an introduction but for those who are new:
MoreInfo is a powerful application which seamlessly extends the Newton's
built-in applications making the Newton a true contact manager. MoreInfo adds
these features in such a way that when using it, you will not know where the
built-in features end and MoreInfo begins. MoreInfo has been designed to
anticipate your every move and provide you with the vital information you need
to manage your numerous contacts and busy schedule.

Affilliate Plus:
AffiliatePlus extends the built-in Affiliate function in the Name File.
Currently, you can only add an affiliate's name and title. AffiliatePlus extends
that and allows you to add two of their phone numbers, their e-mail address and
even their birthday. AffiliatePlus is only $15 and is a great utility for your

PowerNames makes navigation between names lightning fast by allowing you to jump
instantly to your frequently used names. It is no longer necessary to go hunting
for a name. With this clever utility, you can simply tap on a name from a popup
list and have it instantly displayed. Names can also be made "power" names and
remain permanently in the list. PowerNames also allows you to use a very fast
find feature to locate names in your Name File.

LightBulb is an on/off switch for the backlighting on your MessagePad. To use
LightBulb, simply install it onto your Newton and drag it from the Extras Drawer
into the button bar.

UnlimitedFolders 2.02 is a folder management utility for your Newton. I don't
know how it interacts with SuperNotePad though, which also adds features to the
Newton folder system. Here are some of the features it adds to your Newton.
  a.. Display a popup menu when the folder icon is tapped within all
applications (allows you to customize that menu too).
  b.. Allows an unlimited number of global and local folders. It does this by
seamlessly extending the built-in interface.
  c.. Allows you to easily and quickly manage all of your folders from one
concise screen.
  d.. Allows you to create sub-folders and have a seamless hierarchical filing
system on your Newton.
  e.. Allows you to change a local folder into a global folder.
  f.. Allows you the option to create a new folder and then have the item
automatically filed in that new folder.
  g.. Search all of your data for missing or deleted folders and allows you to
add the folders one at a time.
  h.. Allows you to do a diagnostic analysis of your folder structure and fix
any problems it finds.

Unlimited ToDos:
Because of the way to-dos are stored on the Newton, too many to-dos stored on a
single day can result in frequent error messages. This utility solves this

      NoBdayParty when installed will turn off the message received when opening
the Name File informing you that there are "new birthdays that need to be
added." It however does not interfere with the process when birthdays are first
added to a card causing the new birthday to be added to the Date Book.




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