[NTLK] eWorld Memoribilia

From: Andre Lipinski <frotz_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 21:14:01 EDT


A number of NewtonTalkers asked for and received a handful of eWorld
screen shots this weekend and from what I've heard they are enjoying
them very much.

I had a closer look at my stuff and discovered several more screen
shots and many hundreds of eWorld site icons and banners. I also
found out that my install of eWorld from my LC 475 still runs nicely
on my G4--I can read all the mail I received and use the Help which
nicely describes what the various buttons do. In a world where anyone
can put together a web site (over)loaded with Java and flash stuff
that often is a terrible mess to try and use, it makes me appreciate
eWorld all the more because it worked quite well especially with a
fast modem--it really was a sweet little app!

In looking at my mail and my "Downloaded Files" folder I discovered a
little treasure trove of goodies: Llama Lounge transcripts and even
some Newton team interviews, marketing eMails from eWorld touting
their great successes, and many more recordings and full transcripts
of all manner of things. I even have a replacement busy cursor for
eWorld that turns the little rotating "e" into a rotating Newton
light-bulb.Looking outside the box I've found the instructions to
Screen Builder 2.8, mint unused subscription kit, folders/stationery
and etc.

Some of you remember eWorld because you were subscribers like myself.
If you still have your eWorld install then your eMail is still there
along with icons and banners from every site you visited in the
"eWorld Files:eWorld Color Art" file (open it with ResEdit to see all
the bits.)

Some have asked to use my pics on their web sites, and that's okay
for now, but I wonder what interest there is in a larger archive--one
that includes the interesting Newton bits or perhaps everything of
ours can be put onto UNNA? Apart from co-operation at UNNA, is there
an actual interest in such a thing? Do you have the time and
inclination to pitch in your files?


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