Re: [NTLK] eWorld Memoribilia

From: James Buxton <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 23:53:18 EDT

Hi, Andre,

I was very interested to hear of your interest in eWorld. I thought
that I was the only person fond of eWorld, or who even remembers it.

I was so fond of it, that, even after eWorld folded in March of 1996,
I resolved to continue the eWorld experience somehow.

Knowing that eWorld was based on AOL, I resource-edited Apple's eWorld
software to run over AOL. It was actually very simple. This way, I
continued to have the eWorld experience with E-mail, chat, features,
etc. for about another two years or so, but with AOL's content, which
was remarkably similar, but much better looking with eWorld's graphics
and layouts.

Then around 1999, AOL started shutting out service for its older
browsers, and this effectively killed my adapted Apple eWorld software.

With the same resolve, I wrote software from the ground up to run over
AOL, but with eWorld's GUI. This time, I included some resources to
support the Newton.

That second revision I put together runs on OS 9, and then Apple moved
to OS X. I can use this ground-up software to this day, although not
as fully as before. Some services just have no counterpart on AOL
anymore. Plus, I prefer to use current hardware which does not run OS
9 at all. So now using my eWorld software is more of a nostalgia thing
if I choose to use my old Pismo PowerBook. Even so, I've seen the town
square just about everyday now for about the last 13 years. (Actually,
I've seen many town squares: waterworld, desert, space, mars, spring,
winter, autumn, Easter, etc. I built the software to change the town
square with the seasons, as well as the time of day.)

I'd love to update the software for OS X, but I just don't have the
time and energy to, just to see it obsolesce again. In a certain
sense, I've seen eWorld die three times, and I don't want to see that
happen again.

I'd love to see the resources that you shared with others. Contact me
off-list if you're interested in what I have.



On Apr 20, 2009, at 21:14 ET, Andre Lipinski wrote:

> Hello,
> A number of NewtonTalkers asked for and received a handful of eWorld
> screen shots this weekend and from what I've heard they are enjoying
> them very much.
> I had a closer look at my stuff and discovered several more screen
> shots and many hundreds of eWorld site icons and banners. I also
> found out that my install of eWorld from my LC 475 still runs nicely
> on my G4--I can read all the mail I received and use the Help which
> nicely describes what the various buttons do. In a world where anyone
> can put together a web site (over)loaded with Java and flash stuff
> that often is a terrible mess to try and use, it makes me appreciate
> eWorld all the more because it worked quite well especially with a
> fast modem--it really was a sweet little app!
> In looking at my mail and my "Downloaded Files" folder I discovered a
> little treasure trove of goodies: Llama Lounge transcripts and even
> some Newton team interviews, marketing eMails from eWorld touting
> their great successes, and many more recordings and full transcripts
> of all manner of things. I even have a replacement busy cursor for
> eWorld that turns the little rotating "e" into a rotating Newton
> light-bulb.Looking outside the box I've found the instructions to
> Screen Builder 2.8, mint unused subscription kit, folders/stationery
> and etc.
> Some of you remember eWorld because you were subscribers like myself.
> If you still have your eWorld install then your eMail is still there
> along with icons and banners from every site you visited in the
> "eWorld Files:eWorld Color Art" file (open it with ResEdit to see all
> the bits.)
> Some have asked to use my pics on their web sites, and that's okay
> for now, but I wonder what interest there is in a larger archive--one
> that includes the interesting Newton bits or perhaps everything of
> ours can be put onto UNNA? Apart from co-operation at UNNA, is there
> an actual interest in such a thing? Do you have the time and
> inclination to pitch in your files?
> Best,
> Andre.
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