Re: [NTLK] [LONG] The life on the dull side of OS 1.x (was: Interest in Newton 110?)

From: David Lawrence <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 17:49:02 EDT

"...but I have no time for learning NewtonScript."
Then perhaps, Matej, you can understand why this group of "lazy" programmers
isn't in any rush to develop for your MP1x0: they have lives, too.

For a while, I only had an MP110, and I felt a bit left out of the sandbox
because all the cool stuff was happening a few levels higher, with OS 2.x.
All the cool apps, the better HWR, the customization - all the fun stuff was
for eMates and MP2x00s. But instead of complaining, I bought an affordable
eMate and I've been chugging along ever since.

Instead of harping about the "superiority" of the Newton 1.x stuff, I tried
out a 2.x version and now I have both. They each have their merits. And
it's been a lot more fun this way, I think, because I got to learn each

Much like people don't program for Windows 95 or Mac OS 7 anymore, Newton
programmers (bless their hearts) understand that the platform moved on in
the mid 1990s, and that's where it stayed. So you go with the latest
version, not the oldest.


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