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Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 17:56:03 EDT

This answers several posts in order to save some bandwidth.

> A user who'll stop using his MP120/1.3 and replace it
> with a Palm Pilot if there won't be a POP3/SMTP client
> for it before September 1, 2009.

Just added a reminder for September 1, 2009 to make sure not to miss asking you how you like the
Palm. I have a Palm IIIc that I hardly ever use these days. Just in case you do not have one yet by
that time, drop me a line ;-)

> (Heh, I'm probably the only one of my age - 13

Wow. This left me speechless for some seconds, which does not happen very often. From what you post
here I was under the impression that you are much older. This is neither sarcasm nor irony, but a
honest compliment!

> Also, MP130s are expensive, and from what I've heard, they aren't the most reliable.

Given the price / performance ratio in my opinion they are cheaper than their older brothers. Saying
they aren't the most reliable is a nice understatement. They are the most unreliable Newton model
ever built. As a matter of fact every single 130 out there will eventually die when it is least
convenient unless the preventive fixes described here

are made in time. Once this has been taken care of, 130s are just as reliable as all the other


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