Re: [NTLK] Safari Pad - Apple's Tablet Computer

From: Stefan <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 2009 - 10:53:13 EDT

Hi Andre,

although I have to admit that your listing is
very clever and contains quite realistic scenarios
I want to mention that I don't like the evangelist attitude to Apple.

Apple is in fact a company with on goal: earning money as much as they can.
Not less, not more.

They just valet the needs of a small group of
designfreaks and self-appointed avant-gardists,
who have the money to buy their products.

Apple has produced several generations of
computers that had childhood deseases which were
never cured. Not, that all competetors are much
better, but they don't claim to be the bestŠ
And if you look onto our beloved Newtons you can
recognize that there are brilliant ideas, but in
detail it is mere profit, that leads the company.
I believe, our dear Steve is not the solution, he
is part of the problem. He killed the Newton
mainly because he hated Sculley, IMHO.
Development costs were spent, the time to sell
began and as we see till today, the Newton was
and is a TOP solution. There's no evident reason
for that decision.

Some of Apple's so-called features are simply
gimmicks. (iPhone/iPod touch = fine, but
unnecessary), OS-X for example was and is so
feature-loaded that most machines are too slow to
get the feeling of speed. A good operating system
and the most important applications should run on
every sold computer of the producer with
satisfying speed. That's not the fact.
Apple is also such a company that wants to sell,
to sell, to sell. Do you really feel as an
appreciated customerŠ ???

And all those who are realists will at least
sometimes think about the fact, that computers
are making as much problems as they bring
solutions (remember Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT)

I like many of the Apple features too, really.
And I would never switch to Windows or Linux (or
PCs). But I'm far away from loving Apple. Apple's
products are not the best of all worlds, they are
only the least worst of all!
There are many, many customers who have a
well-founded love-hate relationship to Apple,
I myself had some luck till today, but only luck.

Regards - Stefan

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