Re: [NTLK] Safari Pad - Apple's Tablet Computer - the End?

From: Stefan <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 04:47:28 EDT

Hello Rick,
and others too, helloŠ

I always try not to attack anyone if avoidable
(but I'll never recoil from necessary arguments).
So: If anyone here feels affronted please excuse me.

Maybe I was a little angry
Over the years I spent many many thousand "bucks"
(european currency :-) and never really had the
machine or operating system that was a "round
thing". And I'm now speed or feature fanatic.

The manufacturers establish new construction
sites all the time without perfecting the old
That's the contrariety of assertion and reality in my eyes.
Or of temptating and ripping us.

Rick and others: you are in the right (said with my connotation):

OS-X is fine but not perfect
OS 9 was fast but neither stable nor perfect
and so onŠ

For my part this thread is leached out nowŠ

Best regards, friends

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