Re: [NTLK] [OT] StyleWriter 2200 giving up the ghost?

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Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 21:33:39 EDT

I'm not familiar with the 2200 but I assume by the way your talking the ink tank and print head are separate? Is the print head modular/user replaceable? I have a canon bjc2000 that has separate ink tanks and print head but the print head can also be removed and replaced by the user if need be (I think at this point a new print head costs more then the original price of the printer). If it is user replaceable you may need to get a new one or you could try cleaning the head contacts with some isopropyl alcohol or electric contact cleaner, if there's contacts on the ink tank I'd clean those too. If ink has dried in the print head you might be able to revive it by putting a few drops of alcohol on the ink inlet where the ink tanks connect and on the inkjet outlets which will loosen the dried ink, its worked for me on my bjc2000 but its probably not the best thing for the print head, YMMV. For the feed problem I'd check to see if the rubber paper feed rollers are glazed over, that can cause feed problems in old
er printers and is easily cleaned with alcohol and a q-tip. If it uses some form of IR sensor to tell when paper is loaded maybe its dirty?
Hope that helps.
Oh and check for paper clips and coins in the paper feeder mechanism LOL I had problems with a copier and a laser printer because people decided to stow those items in the document feeder and paper feeder respectively (also killed the laser printers drum).

Joe Reilly

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Hello again,
      I hate to say it, but I think my StyleWriter 2200 is on the
verge of becoming kaputt.
I sporadically get the red "feed" light when there is no paper jam.
The ink tanks are new.
I tried to clean the heads several times but when it actually does
seem to "print", no ink is
applied to the paper.
      I've been racking my pea brain on this for a while and can't
seem to get it working.
      Any ideas? Is there a better way to clear the print heads?
      Thanks for your time,

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