[NTLK] Newton Messagepad 2000s with "newton Technology" Branding

From: Leo LeBron <iamdigitalman_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 07:00:06 EDT

So, I am browsing Macmothership, when I come across these gems:


They are both Messagepad 2000s, not 2100s, but have the "Newton
Technology" logo, and mysteriously, NO apple logo.

Prototypes, methinks.

Anyway, just an interesting footnote. I wonder if the 2000 was
originally going to have the Newton Technoloy logo. Mine just has the
standard Newton with lightbulb logo in the center above the screen.
(or in my case, since I have the screen rotated to the right; on the

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