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From: Dan <>
Date: Fri Aug 07 2009 - 23:17:18 EDT

On 8/7/2009 4:36 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:
> ~~~ On 2009/08/07 20:21, M. Horvat at wrote ~~~
>> How many of the chips (and other components) used in Newton devices are still
>> in production? I'm mostly worried about the flash memory, as it only has a
>> finite number of write cycles, and since the Newton saves data each time you
>> e.g. enter new text into a note, it probably uses up those cycles faster than
>> other devices. (Also, what happens when flash memory wears out? I read the
>> whole articles on flash memory on Wikipedia, but I didn't find the answer.
>> Google couldn't find it either.)
> I'm glad you asked this Matej; it's been in my mind to ask this from time to
> time.
> Now, to see the answers!
> Shalom.
> Christian

Actually this has been discussed a lot in the past on the list. There
is wear leveling in the internal chips. But to minimize that use a card
with the "save data to card" check box checked. Then you are saving not
to the internal data but to the card. Which is easier to replace. The
card that I save daily to, with dates, todo's, etc. Basically the data
that changes a lot, is saved to a SRAM card. While they are more
expensive and not as large. They don't run out. Of course there is a
risk of the battery going out. But honestly I have cards for say 10
years and they are still fine. I will be replacing the battery in them
shortly just as a precaution though.

And btw to change the battery in a SRAM card, leave it in the newton
when you do the replacement and you won't loose any data. Most cards
have a capacitor built in and give you 15 minutes to replace the battery
before the data is affected but I like to leave it in the Newton anyway.
 However I would still do a backup as a precaution.

Back to the internal memory on a newton, Apple used the best quality
chips compared to chips that are in typical flash drives now. Also the
way the Newton stores information is also very efficient in the way the
flash is actually used therefore it is going to last a very very long
time. However the old saying better safe than sorry and since it is so
easy to save to a external card rather that internal storage for often
changing data...why not do it. :)


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