[NTLK] Sloup 2.2h2? (And Newton cloud sync)

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <jonathandueck_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Aug 19 2009 - 17:51:56 EDT

Hi, folks,

Anyone know where Steve Weyer can be reached / if he has released Sloup 2.2h2 to the public?

Background: I'm attempting to set up a connection between a set of cloud apps (Google Calendar, the Contacts in Gmail, Toodledo, and Evernote) and my Newton, using Outlook as a go-between. I've got Outlook 2007 set up and have the various apps it needs to sync with the cloud apps (Google Outlook Sync from Google, GO Contacts Sync, Toodledo Outlook Sync from Chromatic Dragon, and just an IMAP connection from Outlook to Evernote). I've installed LookOut! for the contacts, dates, and to-dos.

I plan to use Notes2Notes for the notes, _but_ it apparently requires Sloup 2.2h2 to use with Super Notepad (which I use). Steve Weyer's page, while it does list Sloup for free, has 2.2e2 as the highest linked version I can find. Anyone know if he's posted it somewhere, or the best way to get in touch with him?

I'll be happy to report if my cloud sync works. :)


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