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From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <jonathandueck_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 10:37:50 EDT

Hi, folks,

One other idea I had was for working with Taskpaper files on the Newton. I like it on my Mac, and have written a command or two to make it easier to look at the (plaintext) files from Taskpaper on my Newton. (If there was a way to sync a Taskpaper file with Nitch, I'd be ecstatic! But I can't figure one out, so the following just uses Notepad and Works.) In case anyone else wants to try them, here's what I'm doing:

I run the following command to make a note-length .txt list of @today items and a Works-length (I have lots of to-dos) list of my whole Taskpaper file:

grep '@today' myprojects.taskpaper | grep -v '@done' > todaylist.txt

cp myprojects.taskpaper myprojects.taskpaper.txt

textutil -convert rtf myprojects.taskpaper.txt

I've got this in a little script, pointing to the directories on my hard drive where I keep my taskpaper file, but for simplicity, I've just left the commands above pointing to myprojects.taskpaper, wherever it may be.\

Then, I use NCX to send the todaylist.txt to my Newt as a Note, and the myprojects.taskpaper.rtf to my Newt as a Works paper.

I (will, once it's registered) use Notepad Converter (Standalone) to convert the todaylist.txt Note on the Newt to a checklist, so I can easily track and check off the things I plan to do today. (I know, this is bad GTD practice, but whatever.) I use ScribeWorks in Works so I can easily edit and search my Taskpaper file in Works, if need be.

If I haven't added any new tasks, I just look at the Todaylist note and check off the Taskpaper todays on the Mac, when I get back to my Mac. If I have added todos to the Works file, I send the RTF back to the Mac with NCX and then use TextWrangler to reconcile the files, with this command:

textutil -convert txt myprojects.taskpaper.rtf
twdiff myprojects.taskpaper.txt myprojects.taskpaper

And that's it! I don't know if anyone else is using Taskpaper, but this is the faintly OK method I've kludged together so far.


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