Re: [NTLK] Sloup 2.2h2? (And Newton cloud sync)

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 02:14:38 EDT

Well, it certainly won't win any speed awards, but the "cloud" / Outlook / Newton setup I have seems to work initially, so I thought I'd share the details here.

I've got VirtualBox on my Mac to run Windows XP SP3. Outlook 2007 is installed on there and is the "middleman" for this sync. I don't use it except for that.

On the Mac (or whatever other browser-based box I might use) I keep my notes on Evernote, my dates in Google Calendar, my contacts in the contacts section of GMail, and my tasks in Toodledo.

So, first, I sync those "cloud" apps with Outlook, using GO Contacts Sync to sync the contacts, Toodledo Sync (from Chromatic Dragon) to sync the tasks (and notes if I've got any), and Google's own sync between Outlook and Google Calendar. This takes about 5 minutes, but about 3 of those are for the Contacts -- could be skipped!

Then, I open up LookOut on the Newton and PC and use it to sync the tasks, contacts, and appointments with Outlook. About 2-3 minutes for this (after the first sync).

Then, I re-synced all the "cloud" apps, just as noted above, about 5 more minutes) (2 if you skip Contacts, which I did).

I also have Outlook set to download notes from Evernote as IMAP. Evernote has its own nice client software for the Mac, Windows, iPhone, and WinMo, but I opted to have Outlook download the messages so I could use Notes2Notes if need be, to transfer one or two notes to / from the Newton. This is the most unsatisfactory part of this setup, I think.

Anyhow, all in all, 10-13 minutes gets the Newton and "cloud" in sync. It's neat, but not fast. Thanks, list folks and Steve Weyer for helping me do this!


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