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From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 08:59:44 EDT


Yes, I do have a case. An acquisition of a an MP2100 netted me a Calise
case. I like it because it doubles as my wallet and my Newt case. I'm pretty
sure the case is designed for the 1XX series as it has(had) a pocket in the
leather holder for the base of the Newton that is too small for the 2XXX

I brought out my box knife with a fresh blade and trimmed the leather and
Velcro off to yield just a flat flap. I used the slotted holes at the top
and bottom for holding my Newt in place. The local sewing supply store had
1/2" wide cloth/elastic band in black that holds Newt to the flap. A couple
of brazier loops keep the strap from slipping and I can better control the
amount of tension required. The only drawback is that the power switch
slightly covered and the bottom strap covers the battery tray. I don't mind
as I have a rebuilt battery tray and plug into AC for recharging. As for the
power switch, it hasn't been an issue. I've had this set up for about five
or six years and all seems good. I would have used adhesive backed Velcro
but refrained as I didn't like the idea of the adhesive gumming up the back
of Newt.

Sorry for the long answer to a short question. Offered the info for any
others that may want to make the mod.

Thank you,
Stefan Thorsteinson

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> Thank you. A recent holiday to the wilds of Manitoba may be
> a contributing factor.

I have to ask: did you have it in a case of some kind? Or was it carried
loose in a bag?

I'm surprised that no one (that I've heard of, at least) has ever developed
a Newton equivalent of Matias Armor:

...even if only as a one-off project for themselves. Something like the
above, but with a rubber seal around the Newton's screen area that would
help prevent picking up a case of The Jaggies through dirt/dust working its
way between the screen and screen bezel.


James Fraser

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