Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Offset of Recognition

From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 12:48:59 EDT

Hi Don,

Yes, we have the same animal. Like I mentioned before, I love the Newt
protection and Wallet functionality. I have another case that is a work in
progress. I think the company ran into trouble because a contractor kept a
pattern they had specifically for the MP2X00. It's nylon construction and
has space for Newt, Keyboard and pouches for wallet. I sacrificed a Calise
case for the leather to make my own sleeve for Newt. We'll see how it goes.

I believe there is strong merit to comments about jaggies brought on from
case pressure. My MP2100 is previously owned and has a couple of bruises on
the case. Otherwise, it's in really good shape. I only had one, very small,
fragment of plastic drop out. The dirt build up and pressure sound like
feasible culprits. Time will tell.

I just finished putting it back together and have JOY! No more jaggies. The
edge of the screen was filthy. My clue was sliding a white business card in
yesterday and it came out black. I'm confident most of the dirt was
inherited. Road dust from my recent holiday sure didn't help. (Jaggies 101
was very helpful as was Eckhart's site for take apart and put back together.
Thank you!)

FWIW: I use Brain Wash #1 & #2 by Fellows for cleaning. It leaves a very
nice finish on the screen for writing. My eyes aren't what they used to be
and I'm pretty stubborn so, using a screen protector forces me to put my
glasses on. Frustrating when all I want to do is get some info or jot a note
and carry-on. I've had good success with treating the screen with care and
cleaning the tip of my stylus BEFORE I touch the screen. A quick wipe on the
shirt works well. I made the mistake with my first Newt and put a scratch in
the screen with a piece of dirt stuck to the stylus tip. :(

Thanks to all for your input. Very much appreciated.

Stefan Thorsteinson

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Hi, Stefan -

On 8/25/09, Stefan Thorsteinson wrote:

>Yes, I do have a case. An acquisition of a an MP2100 netted me a Calise
>case. I like it because it doubles as my wallet and my Newt case. I'm
>sure the case is designed for the 1XX series as it has(had) a pocket in the
>leather holder for the base of the Newton that is too small for the 2XXX

I think I have this exact case, which I also modded to take an MP2100.
Does it have the internal flap with three card slots facing the Newt and
a long pocket on the left side of the flap?
>I brought out my box knife with a fresh blade and trimmed the leather and
>Velcro off to yield just a flat flap. I used the slotted holes at the top
>and bottom for holding my Newt in place. The local sewing supply store had
>1/2" wide cloth/elastic band in black that holds Newt to the flap. A couple
>of brazier loops keep the strap from slipping and I can better control the
>amount of tension required. The only drawback is that the power switch
>slightly covered and the bottom strap covers the battery tray. I don't mind
>as I have a rebuilt battery tray and plug into AC for recharging. As for
>power switch, it hasn't been an issue. I've had this set up for about five
>or six years and all seems good. I would have used adhesive backed Velcro
>but refrained as I didn't like the idea of the adhesive gumming up the back
>of Newt.

I used the adhesive backed Velcro approach, which works very well. I
didn't feel so bad about the adhesive on the back, because my MP2100 is
rather bunged up. Missing port cover, paint missing from corners,
fracture between the card slots, etc.

I have also put a rather pristine-looking MP2100 in this case.

BOTH of these MP2100s developed the calibration offset problem and the
classic jaggies after being used in the case for awhile. I think that
the case, combined with hand gripping while carrying the Newt, applies
pressure to the bezel, which brings on the Jaggies. I therefore either
use my Newt 'naked', or more typically in one of the flip-top play-
through leather cases that Gem Enterprises used to sell. It seems to
provide protection without stressing the bezel.

The good news for me is that both MP2100s have been self-healing once
out of the case for awhile. I was really amazed when I took my 'good'
Newt, relegated to storage because of a severe case of 'jaggies', out of
its box last winter and found that it had no problems! Then, a couple
of weeks after being back in the Calise case, the jaggies came back.

--> Try leaving your MP2100 in a warm place (e.g. - in a sunny window)
for awhile to see if the calibration problem/jaggies go away. My theory
is that gentle heat can allow the plastic of the bezel to relax back to
its proper shape. My black metal storage box for my Newton
paraphernalia is about 6 feet from my wood stove...

I now only use the Calise case for times when I need to pack my
checkbook and other stuff that fits in the case. I've been considering
removing the internal flap to provide a bit more space.


 - Don

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