Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Offset of Recognition

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 16:09:57 EDT

Hi Stefan

I know people have suggested jaggies, and this is probably the case, but
for the record could you test whether:

1] it is a permanent and consistent problem or an intermittent one?

2] does it happen when writing on any area of the screen or in certain
locations only?

3] does it happen more when the adapter is plugged in?

4] did it start to happen after installing new packages? (I have a hunch
that some packages don't mix well with the OS - but this could be hocus

5] does it happen if you change to landscape view? (jaggy type problems
seem to be less common for me in landscape?)

I have experienced a similar problem to yours, but not so badly, on my
MP2000 which does it intermittently and more towards the top of the
screen than the bottom. (where I think it has been used more).
I als0 always get jaggies towards the top of the screen when plugged
into an adapter and they get worse when the office is really hot in the
summer. (Someone on the list, I forget who, gave a detailed explanation
of the adapter-related jaggies which has been known about for many years).

For what it's worth I did notice that after I had been trying out lots
of programmes and installing and deleting packages, that my Newton
became quite slow and the misalignment problems got worse.
I did a full backup and restored everything except for stuff I didn't
use and both the speed and accuracy seemed to go back to normal and has
been fine since. Might be worth a try? before turning to the Poutine.

Good luck -


Stefan Thorsteinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm noticing that my 2100, for no apparent reason that I can trace, will
> start offsetting the point of recognition of a tap on the screen. If I tap
> on an X to close an app., it thinks I tapped a spot to left. Just enough to
> make typing frustrating. For example: If using the onscreen keyboard a "t"
> becomes and "r", a "j" an "h" etc.

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