Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Offset of Recognition

From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 21:26:48 EDT

Hi Frank,

Sorry for the late reply. Life got in the way. :)

OK, first and foremost: My humblest apologies for not checking my sources
more closely. A previous post gave credit to your most informative and
humorous site to Mr. Koppen instead of youk. (Please don't give up the humor
in your writing, Frank, your site is a pleasure to read.) My bad, SO Sorry.

I have downloaded NewtTest and I look forward to using it.

Update: After doing all the cleaning and everything seemed wonderful in my
world, I reached for Newt the next day and was greeted with an almost blank
screen. (I run Backdrop Plus) The screen on power up had nothing but the
standard buttons across the bottom of the screen. Hmmm!?! No problem as More
Info came up like I wanted with a tap on Names. There was no noticeable
misalignment. I played with a few locations on the screen and things seemed
fine. Today, however, I experienced similar problems to that before I did
the clean up.

I ran setup and went through the motions. (No problems, no issues) I also
looked at the pen size.(Thanks, Matt) I'm used to running with 2 point but
changed to 1 point to see what happens. Other than being a little better at
HWR, no real difference.

JAGGIES?!?: By definition, may not be what I've got. I tend to carry my
Calise case under my arm, when my hands are full, I'm probably introducing
undue pressure. (Merit to finishing the other project that offers a hand
strap.) I was toying around a bit today and noticed my hand resting on the
case when things went a little sideways. (I'm right handed BTW) If I was
conscious of the pressure and let up, "JOY". To say that it is just pressure
on the bezel may not be fair. I do need to experiment more. Andy, your
points are noted. I will advise. More investigation required because, on
power up (Usually on battery removal) Newt is either slow to recognize
closing a box or just plain unresponsive. When it does, it may not be where
I tapped. Pressure or no pressure on the bezel.

Ron, Thanks for your input. It's possible a little "grinding " is in order.

On another note; I can attest to saving everything you can on your card. I
haven't been able to connect, reliably, to a PC since 2007. I've transferred
my cards to two MP2X00 since. So far, so good. Frank, I've downloaded
NewtTest and I really look forward to seeing what it tells me. I've been on
the hunt for that elusive PC for $0.0 that I can put Win98 on and dedicate
to Newt. Priorities and life seem to interrupt all too often. ;)

If any of this is informative I'll respond upon achieving concrete results.
In the mean time, if you haven't already, consider this thread dormant.
Thanks all.
Stefan Thorsteinson

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