[NTLK] A question: MessagePad as cell phone for calls & SMS

From: <info_at_punkt-x.de>
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 03:37:09 EDT

Hi friends,

the last days I'd opportunity to use several cell phones for testing.

I used the iPhone, the Nokia E71 and some quite "normal" phones.
Doing that in a more intensive way than normally I realized that
writing SMS (and similar textbased parts) isn't very comfortable
neither with keys nor with touchscreen.

As I use my cell phone most of the time for just speaking it was the
first time to get such a disappointing impression.

And it was the first time to acknowledge that HWR is a unique option.

So let me ask please:

What were the hardware & software solutions out there for our Newton

Which modem with speaking ability was produced / is/was capable to be
used for voice and SMS?


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