[NTLK] Y2010 Fix

Eckhart Koeppen lists at 40hz.org
Sun Dec 6 09:57:07 EST 2009

On Dec 6, 2009, at 00:49 , James Wages wrote:

> For example, if you read through that entire web page, and then if  
> you click
> on the Y2010 Diagnostic page and read through that, you still are  
> left to
> wonder what will happen if you have the original 2010 patch on your  
> Newton.
> The Diagnostic page says "Indicates whether the Newton has been  
> patched with
> a native 2010 fix."  But it does not say "Indicates and then  
> removes."  So
> people new to this may wonder specifically how they need to remove the
> original patch (no doubt most every Newton user had that patch  
> applied).
> That needs to be made much more clear.

I changed the wording om the page, and just to make sure:

If you have the Fix2010 or some other fix for the 2010 problem  
installed, you need to first clear the alarms using the Y2010  
Diagnostic tool, and then remove the Fix2010 package itself via the  
Extras Drawer before applying the 71J059 or the other patches.


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