[NTLK] Y2010 Fix

Berthe M. Willumsen bmw at bio.ku.dk
Sun Dec 6 04:04:43 EST 2009

I was confused a bit when I installed and on the 
list received this from Eckhard

>On Aug 18, 2009, at 22:20 , Berthe M. Willumsen wrote:
>>  Sorry, all, but better safe than sorry, and all the pkg's confused me
>>  a bit. To me, it sounds as if  the 717260 Install Override.pkg and
>>  the Patch Remover.pkg are the same, but it also seemed as if both
>>  .zips should be downloaded and used.
>You're right, I'm planning to clean this up a bit!
>In short, the steps are:
>- install Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
>- take a backup
>- install Patch Remover.pkg if you have patch 710031 installed
>- install Patch.pkg
>After both installations, the Newton will ask to reboot.

- if this is of any help


>Hi James
>See this lnk:
>**The instructions state, **'*If you have any year 2010 related fix such
>as the Fix2010 package, use the diagnostic tool to clear all alarms and
>remove the package'.*
>*You need to remove the old patch using the diagnostic tool before
>adding Eckhart's  new patch.*
>*I didn't have the old patch installed, so could someone who did please
>verify this.*
>James Wages wrote:
>>  On 12/6/09 5:00 AM, Andy Hill <adhill at fastmail.co.uk> wrote:
>>>  I and many others followed Eckhart's instructions here.
>>>  http://40hz.org/Pages/Newton%20Year%202010%20Problem
>>>  Follow them exactly as stated and you wont have a problem.
>>  Never say never!
>>  For example, if you read through that entire web page, and then if you click
>>  on the Y2010 Diagnostic page and read through that, you still are left to
>>  wonder what will happen if you have the original 2010 patch on your Newton.
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