[NTLK] Saying bye bye...

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Dec 7 15:50:31 EST 2009

Dear Matthias,

Farewell buddie and no need to apologise, life is busy enough, we all 
know that. But apparently thanks to Eckhart's fix, the Newton 2.0s will 
theoretically keep going until about 2097 or something like that, by 
which time we shall all be bones, ash, bionic or gently hovering in a 
chamber of liquid nitrogen surrounded by gentle music.

Until then, lets hope that someone within Apple has a big penny-dropping 
moment and realises that the future of hand held computing was actually 
no further away than their own green noses.

All the best.


Matthias Melcher wrote:
> Dear friends of the Newton,
> you have not heard from me in a while because my job keeps me busy, much more than anticipated. I will no longer have the time to finish the projects I started .......So I would like to use this occasion to apologize for unfinished projects, hoping that one day I can tie up loose threads.
> Thanks, and may your Newtons live as long as possible ;-)
>   Matthias

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