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Mon Dec 7 17:48:53 EST 2009

~~~ On 2009/12/07 11:43, Matthias Melcher at mm at matthiasm.com wrote ~~~

> Dear friends of the Newton,
> you have not heard from me in a while because my job keeps me busy, much more
> than anticipated. I will no longer have the time to finish the projects I
> started that were so much fun and so well received and supported by this fine
> community.
> The still strong support for the Newton from this group is simply amazing. You
> guys even managed to save the hardware from certain death by patching the 2010
> bug and other bugs on the way. And the Newton is worth it. It is worth to be
> supported as long as possible. The great concept behind this machine should be
> an example for all the silly vaporware that is thrown on the market,
> disappointing the user, and vanishing again.
> I am sad to say that the harsh reality of integration into horrible MS server
> systems and other silly client software has made my Newton obsolete. So I
> would like to use this occasion to apologize for unfinished projects, hoping
> that one day I can tie up loose threads.
> Thanks, and may your Newtons live as long as possible ;-)
>   Matthias

Dear Matthias, 

I never got to know you even within the scope of the list, but from what I
can see you're one of those whose commitment and enthusiasm to the Newton
meant it was still going in 2005, long enough for me to get my own Newton.
And that really is one of the genuine highlights of the technological side
of my life.  Makes me wish I'd discovered the Newton years ago.  What a
fantastic bit of kit!

So, thanks for your part in this, and I'm sorry you can't keep going with
yours.  But don't get rid of it; you might get the chance to come back to it
some day.  

Not good-bye, just see you later.


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³Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a Newton.²
            -- what Arthur C. Clarke meant

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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