[NTLK] pico bluetooth card

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Mon Dec 7 18:33:55 EST 2009

Degrees Celsius is  the SI standard notation. 

Centigrade can be confused with something else:

centi - part of 100
grade - an angle 0 == horizontal 100 = vertical
therefore a centigrade is a 1% grade.

So, the US uses United States customary units, Burma uses Burmese units, Liberia doesn't have a standard set of units (but mostly uses metric), and the rest of the world uses metric. So by Microsoft's rules, the US must use the industry standard metric units, since their units don't have a large enough installed base and is irrelevant. (Joke, come on, lighten up)


On 2009-December-07, at 4:10 PM, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:

> Frank Gruendel wrote:
>>> my apartment got flooded and my brand new pico bluetooth card was  
>>> dripping wet. any ideas on where to get  a replacement?
>>> thanks in advanced
>> Since the Pico Bluetooth card does not have a battery, chances are pretty good that it will work
>> again once it is dry. If I were you, I would put it in the baking oven at about 50 degrees celsius
>> for an hour or two.
> That is 122 degrees Fahrenheit for those of us in these United States.
> BTW, I was taught that the unit "Celsius" = "degrees centigrade" as in 
> "50 Celsius" or "50 degrees centigrade" and to not use "degrees 
> Celsius". However, since humans don't always follow the OFFICIAL WORD, 
> is "degrees Celsius" used colloquially anyway?

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