[NTLK] Celsius Scale (was Re: pico bluetooth card)

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at netscape.ca
Sat Dec 26 01:38:38 EST 2009

Just catching up on some e-mail, and since I didn't see a response to 
this ...

Degrees Celsius is correct, but you might be thinking of the Kelvin scale.  

Merry Chrismas/Happy Holidays to all!
(And happy Boxing Day since it's after here ....)



Dennis B. Swaney wrote:

>Frank Gruendel wrote:
>BTW, I was taught that the unit "Celsius" = "degrees centigrade" as in 
>"50 Celsius" or "50 degrees centigrade" and to not use "degrees 
>Celsius". However, since humans don't always follow the OFFICIAL WORD, 
>is "degrees Celsius" used colloquially anyway?

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