[NTLK] OT: Better keyboard, mouse for iMac alu midsummer 2007

SteveC steve at craftsathome.net
Wed Dec 9 11:32:03 EST 2009

+1 for the IIGS keyboard. It lacks a number pad, but without that and a lot
of extra plastic "fat" it really is a space-saver (think small school desks
and small kid hands). Be aware though that the ADB ports have a known
weakness inside the cord-connector area; if the keyboard stops working or
"types erratically", open it up and put a drop of solder at each point
around the connectors and you should be all set.*

* I have no idea how I actually remembered that.

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> Anyway, with an ADB-USB adapter, you could use an Apple
> IIGS Keyboard, which is compact, hard-wearing, and as close
> as I can get to the eMate's keyboard. :)

I forgot to include a picture:


I mention the IIGS keyboard because it offers a much more pleasant long-haul
typing experience (w/Alps keyswitches) compared to most of the throwaway
keyboards offered today.  In your own case, I suspect the short key throw of
your present keyboard might be what's causing the fatigue during extended
use (just a guess).

The Apple Extended Keyboards (I and II) are nice, too, but they take up a
lot of desktop real estate, and I don't know how much space you have to play
with.  However, if you have a lot of space and/or you make frequent use of
function keys, an Apple Extended might be the way to go (as an earlier
poster mentioned).


James Fraser

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