[NTLK] New Newton user! Also, question re. connecting to Vista PC.

Reilly001os at aol.com Reilly001os at aol.com
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Welcome Bjorn,
The 130 is a good choice, I too have one.... along with a 110, 2100, and a box full of emates! I haven't used vista much but I'm pretty sure that an HP wouldn't have a localtalk port, that port is probably an s-video out port which looks identical to an ADB port and almost like a Mac serial port (thanks goes out to Dennis for informing me that s-video and ADB are twins) . I use Mac computers with a usb to pc serial adapter (standard 9 pin serial) to connect my Newton with a Newton to pc serial cable which you can find on the net at most Newton parts resellers (sorry names of said places escape me at the moment and I'm away from desk). I'm not sure what software you'd use on the pc side for vista but I hope that helps with your cabling question. Again, Welcome! This is a great group to be a part of but you'll find that out soon enough :-)

Joe Reilly
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Hello all,

After a few days of lurking and plenty of research, I decided to
introduce myself. I'm Bjorn Keizers, 27, a journalist from The
Netherlands. I've been a PDA user since the mid-90's, starting out on
the Palm Pilot. I've owned a dozen different Palms, Pocket PC's, and
even the odd Psion.

Last week I bought a used German MessagePad 130 off Ebay. I'm waiting
for delivery on that. I also bought a 'brand new' Emate 300 off a
Dutch auction site. Only used once, complete with boxes, papers, etc.
That one arrived this afternoon!

I also have a question. I did some research into connection options
for the Newtons. The Newton Connection Tools are probably my best
option. I have one of those tiny, round connection ports (Localtalk,
right?) on my HP Pavillion laptop. That one runs Vista.

Problem is, the site for NCT seems offline. Does anyone know where I
might find a demo / full version?

Any other options are much appreciated.


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