[NTLK] New Newton user! Also, question re. connecting to Vista PC.

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu Dec 10 17:08:50 EST 2009

Hi Bjorn

Welcome to NewtonTalk.

The NCT site has only gone down in the last few days and so the need to make it
available elsewhere hasn't arisen before now.  since the software is commercial
software, making it available elsewhere may require the Author's permission[?].

On a PC, you can connect to in two ways:

1. Serial Connection:  see here:
http://myapplenewton.blogspot.com/2006/01/connecting-to-pc-and-backups.html and
the FAQ at the bottom of this message.
2. Across the Internet by making your PC a personal web server:

The second method relies on your Newton already being set up for the Internet
which means you either set up a serial connection or got a bootstrap loan card
to get the Internet packages on your Newton in the first place.

I went with the Internet method because there is less risk of damaging your
Newton with continuing use of the serial Interconnect Port which is a known
weakness in the Newton's design.



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Hello all,

After a few days of lurking and plenty of research, I decided to
introduce myself. I'm Bjorn Keizers, 27, a journalist from The
Netherlands. I've been a PDA user since the mid-90's, starting out on
the Palm Pilot. I've owned a dozen different Palms, Pocket PC's, and
even the odd Psion.

Last week I bought a used German MessagePad 130 off Ebay. I'm waiting
for delivery on that. I also bought a 'brand new' Emate 300 off a
Dutch auction site. Only used once, complete with boxes, papers, etc.
That one arrived this afternoon!

I also have a question. I did some research into connection options
for the Newtons. The Newton Connection Tools are probably my best
option. I have one of those tiny, round connection ports (Localtalk,
right?) on my HP Pavillion laptop. That one runs Vista.

Problem is, the site for NCT seems offline. Does anyone know where I
might find a demo / full version?

Any other options are much appreciated.


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