[NTLK] New Newton user! Also, question re. connecting to Vista PC.

Matt Howe matthowe at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 21:58:25 EST 2009

A couple of things, first, a MP130 will not do wireless. It wants a serial
PPP connection. Second, the serial port on a MP130 does not have the same
fragility as the interconnect port on a 2100. I had a MP120 and used the
serial port regularly for maybe five years. The port is still fine but a
Coca Cola 2 liter bottle was dropped on the screen ending its days.

Where as MP120's come in two versions, 2.0 and 1.something, I believe that
the MP130 only came as a 2.0 machine. Also, the MP130 had one of the largest
memory heaps of any of the Newtons and so is very robust. Maybe one of the
real knowledgeable people can chime in here and correct me if I am wrong.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate
SantaMatt at Gmail.com (Nokia N770)
matthowe at comcast.net (Desktop)

Tony Kan wrote:
On a PC, you can connect to in two ways:

1. Serial Connection:  see here:
the FAQ at the bottom of this message.
2. Across the Internet by making your PC a personal web server:

The second method relies on your Newton already being set up for the
which means you either set up a serial connection or got a bootstrap loan
to get the Internet packages on your Newton in the first place.

I went with the Internet method because there is less risk of damaging your
Newton with continuing use of the serial Interconnect Port which is a known
weakness in the Newton's design.

Lloyd Conway wrote:
     Welcome to a fellow newbie 130 owner.  (I've had mine since
July.)  It is a nice machine, and can be useful for most of the
things a PDS-user would want to do.  Does it have O/S 2.0?  If so,
then we'll be using the same machine, and perhaps can assist each
other as common issues are encountered and resolved.  Again, welcome!

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