[NTLK] New Newton user! Also, question re. connecting to Vista PC.

Bjorn Keizers bjorn.keizers at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 09:22:48 EST 2009

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and the myriad of suggestions.

I went a-tinkering this morning, and dug up an old Packard Bell with
XP and a serial port. I downloaded and installed the NCU package from
Unna, and everything worked on the first try! The connection was a bit
fiddly, so I had to bump it down to a leisurely 9600... but it did
allow me to install some games and patches.

So far, so good. I have to admit: this is an amazing little machine,
even by today's standard. I can see why the Newton platform is still
so incredibly popular. I even took a few pics for my Flickr account

I got some other good news today as well. My MP130 has been shipped!
Comes from Germany, complete with all the boxes, cables, case, etc.
etc. Even has the original floppies. I'm hoping there might even be an
apple sticker or two :D I hope to have that one in hand by next
wednesday. Can't wait!!


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