[NTLK] New here... (and new to the Newton)

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 07:17:21 EST 2009

Hello There!

You didn't mention it, so I thought I'd bring it up: it's a good idea to perform a bit of preventative maintenance on an eMate as, wonderful though they are, they have an inherent flaw.  If the phrase "hinge repair" isn't already a familiar one to you, it's one you'll want to acquaint yourself with.

Frank Gruendel has put together a thoughtful page on the problem and how to remedy it:


May I say that your post was a pleasure to read?  Of course, that's likely because I happen to share your views on the iPhone.  :) It's an amazing device, to be sure, but the Apple, Inc. that built it and the Apple Computer responsible for the eMate are really two different companies with two different philosophies.  Of course, there's no real "right" or "wrong" as far as which company is better: it's all a matter of which philosophy you happen to favor yourself.

Anyway, it's nice to see how excited you are about the eMate.  I feel the same way about my 2100 (and MP130) and am always finding new reasons to be excited about it, too.  Even though it's more than a decade old, it seems like someone on the list is always bringing up something new to try out with it.  The eMate has a lot to offer, too, and the all-in-one form factor is hard to beat, especially if, like yourself, you greatly prefer keyboard input over handwriting.

Welcome to the list! 


James Fraser

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