[NTLK] eMate hinge repair question - how critical is the one that ISN'T near the display cable?

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Sat Dec 12 22:13:05 EST 2009

I would consider the necessity for the operation as pretty critical.  
As the instructions say, it is necessary to fix the springs, reshaped  
them and replace the lubrication on them. It is the old lubrication  
that has caused them to change shape and snap. If the other spring  
hasn't snapped, consider yourself pretty lucky. Nevertheless, you may  
still need to re-shape it if even a little bit. So, doing the full  
rebuild is probably a good idea. The dented washers ensure that, in  
the future, those springs will never pop again.

The de-soldering and re-soldering of those two wires is really quite  
easy.  You just need to give yourself time, to make sure that you put  
all the pieces down, systematically, and then you're able to get them  
back together again. Just follow the instructions on Frank Gruendel's  
site closely, making sure that you check the volume and contrast  
sliders. That's usually the last thing everybody misses.

Yes, those springs usually pop within weeks of getting a new (even a  
brand new looking) eMate. It's the best thing to take care if them  
right away. I did. It's certainly beats having to buy a new ribbon  

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On Dec 12, 2009, at 12:15 PM, Eric Rucker wrote:

> Also, how critical is it if the other
> hinge has popped out? I know
> it's suboptimal, but I'm trying to
> avoid a complete teardown for now,
> and I don't see anything that could
> be damaged by not repairing it.

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