[NTLK] Newton resetting itself (was: Re: 2010 patch)

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Dec 18 19:34:52 EST 2009

> A sudden strange thing has come up with my main Newton:  it has taken to
> resetting itself at different times -- I think it coincides with an
> appointment alarm going off but that might not be right.  I'll keep
> watching.  When I look at it, it says it's restarted because the battery was
> dead.  This is a big "NO" -- the battery in there currently is about 68%.

If a 2x00 tells you that the battery was dead, it is usually right. It might have been "dead" due to
a contact problem. Check and clean the battery contacts, and check the + and - contacts in the
Newton. The battery's + contact is the one next to the sticker, - is the round one. Especially the
Newton's + contact bends towards the mainboard over time. This might cause what you are

Another reason might be a contact problem inside the battery pack.


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