[NTLK] Patch Confirmation?

Berthe M. Willumsen bmw at bio.ku.dk
Sun Dec 20 16:59:00 EST 2009

>On 12/21/09 5:00 AM, Edward Kenworthy <edward at kenworthy.info> wrote:
>  > <shrug> I didn't find them confusing at all.
>< ! >
>Berthe Willumsen and Robert Serna, I appreciate your comments but I would
>appreciate hearing precise thoughts on the following...
>>  From the email that started this thread:
>>  2.1 (71J059)-1  English 2x00
>>  2.1 (73J186)-1  eMate
>>  2.1 (74J185)-1 German 2x00
>The above is what what Mr. Kenworthy wrote to me but it does not respond
>directly to the main point of my recent post.  As I stated previously...
>My US ENGLISH 2100 shows "2.1 (717260)-1", not "2.1 (71J059)-1".  Hence my
>confusion.  And hence my appeal for further information.

I't reads "2.1 (717260)-1" before the pach installation. The pach to 
be installed is named 71J059.
  _After_ succesful installation, memory will read  "2.1 (71J059)-1"..

>If indeed the patch is supposed to work on ENGLISH 2100's that read "2.1
>(71J059)-1" or "2.1 (717260)-1" it would be much more helpful if that web
>page stated such.  (I also still feel the same about what I wrote before
>concerning the "MP2000" in the instructions, which makes no mention of the
>MP2100 within the said "instructions section".)
>When I follow instructions, I follow them perfectly.  But trying to do so
>with the existing instructions at this web page is difficult or impossible
>for people with situations like mine:
>Again, what does one do if the Memory Info slip reads, "2.1 (717260)-"?

Download Patch 71J059 via SourceForge
http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%2071J059  and unzip it.  I contains 3 packages
	Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
	717260 Install Override.pkg - the original 717260 patch, 
modified to install over
any existing patch, not used except for troubleshooting

Transfer  Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg, use to remove alarms in 2010.

Transfer Patch.pkg, which will install over 717260 into 71J059 as described.

>Once that question is answered, then I agree that the instructions will be
>much improved.
>Many thanks for your patience with me.  As I wrote before, I appreciate
>"hand-holding" on this.
>I look forward to your replies.
>James Wages

Denmark, MP2100

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