[NTLK] Update eMate 300 - Screen Issue etc. - wanting to buy a fixed up eMate

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Thu Dec 24 03:58:46 EST 2009

What James says is right on, though in your case you may find that the  
ribbon is being shorted, by the spring having partially partially cut  
through or more likely 2 or more traces on the ribbon are severed.
Replacement ribbons are often offered on eBay for $15 to $25.  As far  
as I know Frank Gruendel is the only person who is repairing ribbons.
Restoring a sprung spring is a bit of a challenge but not too bad.
Re-celling the batteries is not too difficult.  Creating/buying and  
installing a AA battery tray should still incorporate the two safety  
features built into your battery pack.  See Franks site for explanation.

I have done a number of these repairs and charge $35 plus shipping for  
hinge repair and $25 to re-cell a battery and I understand that this  
is more than twice what most people are charging today for eMates on  
ebay.  This is a hobby for me and my day job has nothing to do with  
electronics so if I can do it so can you except for the ribbon repair.
I have a pretty nice eMate with hinge repair done and re-celled  
battery pack and a slightly annoying 1/8th inch burnout area on the  
display that I can ship to you for $60.  You can swap displays if you  
find it too annoying.

Economically speaking you would be better off buying another and do  
the repair before the ribbon is damaged.  use your current one for  

If you want my help please contact me off list.


On Dec 24, 2009, at 1:44 AM, James Fraser wrote:

> Hello,
> --- On Wed, 12/23/09, Timothy Chaten <tchaten at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am wondering if anyone out there has an eMate in pretty
>> good condition with the hinge/screen cable issues fixed up and a  
>> battery
>> tray replacement installed that they would be willing to sell.
> Have you thought about opening up your own eMate, first, if only to  
> take a look inside?
> I ask because, if nothing else, it sounds like the eMate you got is  
> in good cosmetic condition.  Considering the only eMates you'll find  
> nowadays are going to be in used condition, it might be worth  
> repairing the one you already have.
> Please take a look at Frank Gruendel's step-by-step eMate  
> disassembly page:
> http://www.pda-soft.de/body_emate_disassemble.html
> ...and decide for yourself if it's something you'd want to tackle or  
> not.

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