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Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Thu Dec 24 08:35:24 EST 2009

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From: Andy Hill

Dear Tim

Good on you for joining The List. It's good to have younger people here 
too and your membership has significantly changed the list demographics 
which can now be boasted to include the following:

1 young man
1 woman (only recently left - so still counted)
2000 men (mostly aged over 40, with big beards,  gadgets clipped to 
their belts and their trousers pulled up too far- (well that's my 
impression of us!).  <rest clipped.>

I'm late thirty something.  Need to do the math to figure out what exact age since I tend to not keep up with it.   Maybe I need to add a "What is your age?" app on the Newton.  :P

Might actually start at not keeping up appearances next year, so the whole trousers too high and all that I am not too put off by.  Kinda a geeky badge of honor, though I am not there yet.

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