[NTLK] New members

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Fri Dec 25 18:46:29 EST 2009

I stand corrected about the proposed age of List members and hearby 
offer an alternative:

'The List boasts a large number of Newton enthusiasts aged between 17 
and 82..........who have beards and wear their trousers too high.

Now that's more realistic and quite comforting.

Hey guys...we're a bit still short on women though.........I wonder if 
we ought to do a promotional exercise?

Or is that why we are in here - it's a modern garden shed!


Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andy Hill
> 1 young man
> 1 woman (only recently left - so still counted)
> 2000 men (mostly aged over 40, with big beards,  gadgets clipped to 
> their belts and their trousers pulled up too far- (well that's my 
> impression of us!).  <rest clipped.>
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> I'm late thirty something.....so the whole trousers too high and all that I am not too put off by.  Kinda a geeky badge of honor, though I am not there yet.
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