[NTLK] On Boot - Half Left Screen Perfect/Right Half missing lines - no input - eMate 300

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Thu Dec 24 08:44:39 EST 2009

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From: Timothy Chaten

Hello All,

Well after just receiving my eMate this morning working perfectly - now 10
hours later the pen input is dead and the right side of the screen looks
really weird skipping a line ever other etc.

Any suggestions on how to fix it or what is wrong?

Thanks in Advance



STUPID hinge.  I really can't believe Apple was never called on to recall and fix that since it happens to EVERY    LAST    ONE    of them.

I was having fun using an E-mate (had the upgrade card, etc etc), and then that happened.  I have a second Emate, but just haven't gotten around to doing something about that good hinge.  That and the battery is now dead.  Need to rebuild that.  All that work for something that is the computing power of a Newton 130?   Nahhh...  (Looking back to me the Newton 2000 is simply AWESOME, the other Newtons were good for note taking but that was about it.)

Anyway, Emate is great.  My only consideration is maybe making it a computer station, leaving it open (not opening and closing any more than I have to).  But.. nah.

(You can tell I liked the Emate but wonder why to mess with it further.)

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