[NTLK] Update eMate 300 - Screen Issue etc. - wanting to buy a fixed up eMate

Timothy Chaten tchaten at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 01:39:06 EST 2009

Well, I quickly discovered it was the plagued screen cable/hinge problem -
and in the process of cracking it open due to the stripped screw the eMate
is now dead :(.

Pretty upset - I have been very excited to get this in and within a few
hours of use it went from seemingly mint condition to DOA.

I am wondering if anyone out there has an eMate in pretty good condition
with the hinge/screen cable issues fixed up and a battery tray replacement
installed that they would be willing to sell.

I am kinda afraid this will be the story of many eMates I buy on eBay that I
get a days use then it hits the hinge problem.

Any body out there with a fixed up eMate for sale?

Thanks in Advance


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