[NTLK] iPhone is not the new Newton (& announcing a Newt sell-off shortly)

Michael 'Mickey' Sattler mickey at sattlers.org
Sun Dec 27 00:24:29 EST 2009

> I'd have to dissent on this opinion.

I also must disagree; the iPhone is very much the descendant of the Newton. Having used the Newts since the beginning, and working on rival tablet-based handwriting-capable GO/EO hardware, I hold this to be true:

Had Apple convinced the Handspring folks to make a cell phone plug-in card for Newton, as they did for the Visor, Apple might have extended the life of the Newtons and made inroads into the cell phone market long ago.


Sadly, Steve Jobs wanted to sweep out everything liked by John Scully, and our little community was hung out to dry. Thanks, Steven.

BTW, I have several pristine 2100s, at least one 100 and one 130, plus companion hardware, plus Dave Marks' Newton programming books (the best out there), and about everything else from that time, including some original boxes, that I will be photographing and putting on eBay shortly. I'll be keeping the transparent 110, which still blows my mind. I'll make a separate announcement in a couple weeks when I get off my arse :-)

It's great to have the list active again.

Oh, if there's someone in San Francisco or near-by that would like to take a short while and help patch my Newts it would be most appreciated...


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