[NTLK] Thanks list!

David Neale david.neale at telenet.be
Sun Dec 27 11:03:48 EST 2009

Hello Gene,

You could have saved yourself some work by transferring the patch  
package straight from your MacBook to the MP2100s. You'd have needed a  
USB to serial converter; perhaps you don't have one of these. I  
patched two MP2100s in this way myself, using NCX on the Mac to  
perform the transfer, and it all went very smoothly.


On 26 Dec 2009, at 22:46, Gene Beaird wrote:

> I have been a long-time subscriber, and mostly lurker.  My wife and I
> both used Newton 2100s, but mostly as legacy systems.  We have a lot
> of addresses and data on them.  We still use mine to record data at
> autocross events we participate in.  I have been trying to move to the
> iPhone, but you can't see the screen in the sunlight, and the 'human
> interface' is, to me, slow and clunky.  What I'd give for a 'real'
> keyboard like we got with the Newtons via the serial interface
> connector.
> I was disturbed to discover, while reading the list, that there was a
> 2010 bug in the NewtonOS.  I was relieved to read about the available
> patch, though I fretted about how I was going to get the systems
> patched, having not done that in a long, long time.  I wish thank from
> the bottom of my heart for the supporters of this community for
> developing the patch.  It took a bit to get it installed, but I did
> get both systems patched, thank you.  To patch them, I downloaded the
> patch to my MacBook, then sftp to my Debian Linux server that has AFP
> running.  With that, I was able to fire up my beigebox Macintosh G3,
> mount the appletalk fileshare and pull the patch cluster over.  I then
> had to pull out my NCU documentation to find out how to run it, since
> it had been several years since we last did that.  I finally got a
> viable connection and got both systems backed up.  After running
> ResEdit to change the Type and Creator codes so the Mac would
> recognize them as packages, I was able to install the patch and test
> patch on our Newtons.  So we're good for a few more decades.  Thank
> you all so very much!!
> Gene Beaird,
> Pearland, Texas

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