[NTLK] iPhone is not the new Newton (& announcing a Newt sell-off shortly)

paolo savonuzzi paolo.savonuzzi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 15:57:47 EST 2009

On 27/dic/2009, at 21.02, dograt at earthlink.net wrote:

> Well, you can't compare technology to technology. Of course a device  
> made 12 or 13 years ago is going to be more cumbersome in size and  
> some techology, but rather it's the essence of the device, I think,  
> that is the operative in this discussion.

I totally agree, dave: but... seems not everyone, here, does ;-)

saying the newton is still a viable and *practical* option is only true for geeks with good knowledge and spare time to dedicate to the most *vital* aspect of this matter: sharing data entered on the Newton with your main computer

when, one year ago, I opened the box where my 2100 is *archived* (btw: I always had a problem with its size: even "those days") and found everything was in place but my Farallon card's ethernet dongle... I kept it hanging around for a couple of months then... I put it back in the box, dripping only one, *very small*, tear ;-(

so... let's wait and see if the iTablet is more than just a rumor/hope ;-)

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