[NTLK] 2010 Patch Thankful for the List

graydelotte at bellsouth.net graydelotte at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 27 23:26:46 EST 2009


I don't post much, but I just wanted to express my thanks for the 
Newtontalk list, especially in regards to Eckhart Koppen's patch and 
all the people that contributed to it in any way plus all those who 
have recently posted about the 2010 patch.

I just patched a MP 2000 and MP 2000U today, and everything went very 
well. I used James Wages description of his recent patch experience. 
My Newton is very important to me. I much prefer it for many things 
over my iPhone (owned since October 2009).  It was so good to see 
that glowing green screen with my moreinfo "at a glance" items after 
the reboot from the patch. It was beautiful!

Thanks again,
Gregg R. Aydelotte

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