[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 3, Issue 41

Gene Beaird bgbeaird at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 28 13:07:31 EST 2009


All I really know is what worked for me.  I have an old beige  
PowerMacintosh G3 running MacOS 8.6.  It used to be my primary  
workstation, but I have since moved on to other systems (iBooks,  
Macbooks, and misc Windows laptops and unix workstations.  Because of  
that, I hadn't backed up, or installed any apps on my Newton in a long  
time.  I did, however, still have the Newton Connection Utility  
installed on the G3.  Because I haven't used the G3 in a while, the  
browser is kind of old, and not flash- or javascript-compatible, so I  
don't use it to browse the web, as most web pages cause it to crash.

I used my MacBook to get the patch package off the web.  I then sftp  
it to a Debian server I have.  The version of Debian is nice in that  
it has Appletalk File Protocol installed, which I set up when I  
installed the OS.  I figured it would be a great way to back up all my  
files off my G3, as a backup, just in case.  It has served that  
purpose well.  Anyway, I pulled the patch to my G3 from the Debian  
server.  I discovered that I had to use ResEdit to change the Type and  
Creator  codes on the individual patches so that the G3, and  
subsequently my NCU would recognize the patches as Newton Packages I  
could install.

After a lot of messing around with the connections, I finally got the  
right combination of serial ports, appletalk switched off, and serial  
connections to work between my Newton and G3.  After that, it was just  
click and wait.  The backups took the longest, the patching took  

I did look around on the web to try to find a way to patch the Newtons  
with my MacBook, but it seems most of the sites that were linked in  
FAQs and info pages were no more.  Perhaps someone on NewtonTalk can  
address your exact situation.  I had an existing, viable system to  
patch the Newtons with, I just had to remember how to do it.

I am suspecting your lime G3 with it's Macintosh 'standard' serial  
ports will be the way to go, if you have the Newton's serial cables  
and serial interconnect module.  You will probably also need a copy of  
Newton Connection Utilities, but I'm not sure.  Others on this list  
can probably help with a specific combination of tools to get the job  


Gene Beaird
Pearland, Texas
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> Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 19:46:34 -0800
> From: Todd Naber <applguy at gmail.com>
> Subject: [NTLK] Newton 2010 Patch?
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> It was mentioned about a 2010 Newton Patch on the NewtonTalk Digest.  
> I guess
> I'm a lurker as well though I read the NewtonTalk Digest now every  
> time I
> get one in my Inbox. I use a 12" iBook G4 1.33 (with Mac OS 10.4.11)  
> as I'm
> too cheap to afford a newer MacBook Pro; and I recently acquired a  
> MP 2100
> and a MP 120 that my employer was going to crush in the compactor.
> I also recently acquired a Entrega USB to ADB adapter and am hoping  
> to get
> the Newton's connected to the iBook on Mac OSX. I'll mention my  
> other option
> is an older Lime iMac G3 333 that runs OS 9.2.1 that I still have  
> that does
> still work on the net, though I don't do much with it (I can't stand  
> to part
> with it). If the iMac G3 is a better thing to connect the Newton's  
> to, then
> I guess it'll see more use in the future!
> Any help would be great!
> Todd Naber
> Everson, Washington

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