[NTLK] FS: MP2000 with LOTS of extras - Interest for my first MessagePad

Russ Bravo russbravo at lineone.net
Mon Dec 28 14:07:48 EST 2009

| "One can easily search online resellers and ebay for closed  
auctions if
| one is truly at a loss for what something's market value is."

It's not really as straightforward as that. Newtontalk goes out to  
Newton fans and users worldwide, and eBay prices for Newton items can  
vary considerably depending on where in the world they are being  
sold, condition, rarity of accessories and a number of other factors.

Asking the list to make offers is an entirely reasonable way to go  
about things. If an offer isn't forthcoming that the seller is happy  
with, they can then proceed to eBay or similar. Many listers prefer  
to sell to other Newton fans, collectors and users, and so the  
approach that has been taken is fairly common, especially when the  
seller has a large and varied number of items to sell as one package.

No "bad form" so far as I'm concerned.

Happy New Year, one and all :)

Russ, UK

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