[NTLK] Entrega USB to Serial on 120 but not 2100

Todd Naber applguy at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 16:05:07 EST 2009

Hello All,
 Thanks for the many feeds helping me to get my Newton's connected to my
Mac. I was able to get my Entrega USB to Serial adapter working with my 12"
G4 iBook (once I installed Mac OS 9 from Disc 2 for Classic Support) and
running NCU to connect the MP120. I tried NewTen, but it seemed the MP120
must be too slow on the USB to Serial connection.
 Now the MP2100 must use a different sync cord that I don't have; does
anyone know where I can purchase one for the MP2100?
 And do I need a 2010 Patch that I've read about on the NewtonTalk List?
Thanks for taking the time to contribute all that you do
Todd in Everson, Washington

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